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SF Fiber Launches Sustainable Lyocell Collections

Written by sfAdmin September 1, 2023 0 comment

SF Fiber proudly introduces their sustainable lyocell collections under four themes: Rest & Relax, Lincose and Blue Rock to support broader downstream applications and provides solutions to meet the diverse market demands. All products from the collection are made from 100% lyocell or blended lyocell.

Lyocell fibers – known for their natural comfort, quality, performance and versatility are ideal for ready-to-wear applications. These fibers are produced in an environmentally responsible closed loop process, and have a high tenacity profile and outstanding moisture management.

The exceptional durability of Lyocell by Sateri extends the lifespan of textiles, reducing the need for frequent replacements, and curbing overall fashion consumption and waste. The formaldehyde-free crosslinking process in its production also helps make our products safe for human use.

For more about SF Fiber’s Lyocell fabric collection, please reach out to Chloe Chen.

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