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Sateri Launches Cross-linked Lyocell Fibre (CL Lyocell by Sateri)

Written by sfAdmin November 22, 2023 0 comment

Innovation and sustainability are two important pillars of Sateri’s business strategy which drive us to continuously improve and advance fibre technology. Sateri proudly introduces the Cross-linked (CL) Lyocell fibre (CL Lyocell by Sateri) fibre which supports broader downstream applications and provides solutions to meet the diverse market demands.

Engineered for exceptional durability, CL Lyocell by Sateri derives its strength from its crosslinking structure. Compared to traditional lyocell fibre, Sateri’s crosslinked variant exhibits greater resilience against treatments such as alkaline and oxidative processes, which are common in textile procedures like dyeing, bleaching, and finishing.

CL Lyocell by Sateri finds its prime application in products like activewear, innerwear, fashion, casual wear, and home textiles that require longevity and robustness. The exceptional durability of CL Lyocell by Sateri extends the lifespan of textiles, reducing the need for frequent replacements, and curbing overall fashion consumption and waste. The formaldehyde-free crosslinking process in its production also helps make our products safe for human use.

For more about SF Fiber’s Lyocell fabric collection, please reach out to Chloe Chen.

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