Products & Services

Fabric Innovation

Viscose-based fabrics have traditionally been used for more formal, dressy, dresses and blouses. We are exploring different uses for viscose and demonstrate the versatility of viscose fiber. Our fabric collections include 100% viscose and viscose blended in all fabric types that can be used in diverse product categories including inner, casual tops, shirting, dresses, performance wear, jackets and more.

Brand Collaboration

Understanding our customer is in our DNA. Our product specialists are eager to work with brands to design and manufacture proprietary fabric collections to fulfill their market needs.

Training & Workshops

We organize training and workshops for all stakeholders in the viscose ecosystem to create a better understanding of viscose fiber, from its sustainable nature, manufacturing process and products properties, to future trend of viscose fabric and more.

Consulting Services

SF Fiber offers unique services to support the adoption of viscose use. This includes product development, design and trend directions, manufacturing process improvement, sustainability enhancement and marketing strategies.