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SF Fiber receives Singapore Good Design’s fashion impact category award

Written by sfAdmin September 5, 2023 0 comment

The Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) is a benchmark of good design and quality. In 2013, Design Business Chamber Singapore (DBCS) launched Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) in partnership with the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP), founder of the prestigious Good Design Award (G Mark).

SG Mark was established to set the benchmark for exceptional design quality that impacts businesses and communities in Singapore and beyond. Good design has become a source of growth and productivity in the economy as organizations recognize the value of investing in excellent design principles, processes and offerings.

SF Fiber was recognized for their sustainable and versatile fashion collection for urban women, created in partnership with Raffles Design Institute. Crafted from eco-friendly viscose fabric and featuring zero-waste drafting techniques, the collection combines style, comfort, practicality, and sustainability to promote responsible fashion choices for a greener future. Winning this SG Mark award automatically enters the team into the 2nd round of the prestigious Japan Good Design Award (G Mark).

“We are truly grateful for the recognition by Design Business Chamber Singapore (DBCS), Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) and fellow industry practitioners. SF Fiber Trading will continue to dedicate itself to being a responsible player in the apparel industry, actively engaging and promoting sustainability within our ecosystem and assisting our business partners in creating innovative & sustainable products and businesses. Together, we contribute to a greener and more socially responsible future for the apparel industry,” said Hon Keet PHOON, Head of Business & Strategy.

For more about SF Fiber’s sustainable fashion collection, please reach out to Chloe Chen.